Signs and Symptoms of Bacterial Pneumonia

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Bacterial Pneumonia usually presents with following signs and symptoms

Sputum production,
Chest pain.


It can be either productive cough or dry cough depending upon the bugs that caused pneumonia in the first place. The interstitial pneumonia caused usually by atypical organisms like Peumocystis, viruses, mycoplasma and sometimes often legionella results in dry cough.

Sputum Production

The quality and degree of sputum production tells us what maybe the cause of pneumonia. Streptococcus pneumoniae, Klebsiella and Haemophilus have significant purulent sputum production.

Strept pneumoniae: Rusty colored sputum ( gets its color from oxidation of blood)

Klebsiella:  Currant Jelly sputum, has a mucoid characteristic (from the thick mucoplysaccharide coating of the bacteria)

Chest Pain:

Usually worsens with taking deep breath and most of the time associated with lobar pneumonia from strep pneumoniae.
Some Specific Signs and Symptoms due to Specific Organism

Mycoplasma: Dry cough, chest soreness, Anemia (hemolysis from cold agglutinin) 

Legionella: Confusion, headache, lethargy, diarrhea and abdominal pain
Peumocystis: Marked breathlessness, and cough. Usually in HIV positive patients with CD4 count less that 200/uL.